Friday, 30 August 2019

CIP Grants Available!

Did you know there are Community Improvement Program (CIP) grants available to downtown businesses that are undertaking laneway entrance upgrades? Sarah and Sandy of Georgian Bay Books are the first to apply for their grant! 

Members of the Love Your Laneways Action Committee were there with them as they submitted their grant proposal at the town office.
The CIP will cover 100% of the first $2000 of eligible costs and half the cost between $2000 and $10000. (The minimum grant is $2000 with a maximum of $6000.) For more information visit the Love Your Laneways page at the new Engaging Midland website. A pdf file of the grant application can be found here. The Love Your Laneways Action Committee (LYLAC) is happy to help you with completing the application. 

Friday, 16 August 2019

Borsa Lane Art

Take a walk down Borsa Lane between Elizabeth Street and Hugel Avenue and you will discover there is a colourful new addition! 

This beautiful mural is a collaboration between Quest Gallery and the people at 290 King Street. It was created as part of the Quest Arts Mural Boot Camp held this summer. Here's a close up: 

Amazing work! Can't wait to see more murals and street art appearing along Midland's laneways! 

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

More Laneway Plans

Remember this laneway business entrance we teased you with a few weeks back? 

Sandy and Sarah operate Georgian Bay Books, whose back entrance is seen above. Last week they received their design package from the Love Your Laneways Project! Here they are looking over some of the design drawings with their creator, Martin Uharcek. 

The package includes inspirational drawings, an outline of recommended improvements and suggestions for supply sources. 
Saturday Afternoons has also received their completed design package! Owner Paula is reviewing the recommendations, again with Martin.

To give you a better idea of the materials downtown businesses are receiving, here is an example of one of the drawings developed for yet another downtown business, Assante Wealth Management

This is just one drawing example; a business will generally receive a number of drawings showing the laneway-facing area from a number of different angles. 
Each of these businesses has also received a copy of the Love Your Laneways Handbook to assist them as they bring these plans forward into reality. And of course, the Love Your Laneways team is available to assist and answer questions along the way as well. 
Perhaps you are one of the downtown merchants waiting for your design package, but if you have not yet made an appointment, don't delay! Our Midland summers pass far too quickly, and who wants to be improving their laneway entrance area in the cold, rain and snow? 😉

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Maple is First!

What are Marlene and the wait staff at Maple Canadian Pub so excited about? They are the first downtown business to receive their laneway improvement package from Love Your Laneways. We can hardly wait to see what changes they're going to make along Borsa Lane!