Friday, 5 June 2020

We're Still Here!

Love Your Laneways is still active! 
Community Improvement Program grant applications to the Town of Midland are still being accepted and processed. ( The deadline for applications is September 1, 2020. Now that pandemic rules are being eased and stores are gradually opening,  there is even more reason for King Street businesses to have appealing laneway entrances! Some have already made improvements, others have begun to spruce things up. Project Coordinator Burke Penny is still available to help with design decisions and filling out grant applications.
Last spring, the back of Georgian Bay Books looked like this:

Check out the difference from then until now!

Have a look at these before and after photos showing the how businesses have made their laneway entrances more attractive and easier to identify: 
Guardian Arcade & Jory Pharmacy:

Lilly's Italian Eatery, Cottage Friends & Image Salon:

Simply Country: 

Twist Yarn, Shoes to Boot & Tripps:

Other businesses are continuing their efforts to help make Borsa and Bourgeois Lanes a safer, more friendly and attractive part of downtown.

Midland Fish & Chips, Sheps and Sheps Baby, paving and adding signage:


Maple Canadian Pub, painting their south building wall: 

Dino's, adding signage:

We'll be sharing more photos in the days to come. 

Keep in mind, it's only early June - despite the pandemic, there is still all of summer to come! Sprucing up laneway entrances can only help to attract your customers and clients, both now and in the years to come. 

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