Monday, 21 October 2019

Laneway Design Packages

It has been a while since I provided a Love Your Laneways update, so here it is! A number of downtown businesses have been through the Inventory and Analysis process (much quicker and simpler to do than it sounds 😉) and based on those conversations, design wizard Martin prepares a set of drawings! Businesses are free to use as much or as little of the design proposal as they wish. 

First up, Midland Fish and Chips. Here's the current laneway view: 

And one of the design drawings with some fun, easy to add improvements: 

There's a nice play on the nautical theme as well as some outdoor seating for customers. Much of the design incorporates existing elements of the restaurant's laneway look.

Here is the laneway view of Sheps

Adding some branding, fun pavement treatment and planters could lead to something like this! 

One more to share today - here is the current laneway entrance to Panache Spa and Hair Salon

An elegant awning, some wall art, and more plantings reflect the salon's vibe - and the entrance becomes accessible, as well! 

It will be exciting to watch so many downtown businesses beautify their laneway access! 

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Saturday's Marche de Nuit

Saturday September 28th, the Town of Midland held its first ever Marché de Nuit, or Night Market! From 1 pm to 9 pm, the event was well attended, especially when when the sun decided to make an appearance. Love Your Laneways Action Committee was there with an information booth! The booth was staffed by project coordinator Burke Penny, councillor Jonathan Main, and LYLAC reporter Lois Laneway. ;)  

LYLAC getting set up for the afternoon and evening ahead. 

One of the information panels, as well as a display sign
thanking our many supporters! 

Participation in the Marché de Nuit was steady throughout the day,
and many people stopped by to find out more about the laneway rejuvenation.

Questions and conversation continued into the evening!