Project Statement

Love Your Laneways 
Project Statement

The Love Your Laneways Project involves a partnership between the Love Your Laneways Action Committee (LYLAC), the Town of Midland and the Midland Downtown BIA. 

The goal of the Love Your Laneways Project is to create attractive, safe and functional laneways in downtown Midland that create improved and inviting rear access to businesses fronting on King Street,  encouraging local citizens and visitors to spend time downtown.
The project will strive to mitigate the negative effects of King Street infrastructure construction while promoting a spirit of collaboration between the Town, the BIA and downtown businesses.
The project will encourage the use of various means to divert rainfall and stormwater from the sewage and storm drain system to assist in protecting the water quality of Midland Bay.

The project is to begin in April, 2019 and continue until August 2020.  It is intended that most of the work will be completed by June, 2020.

Because the scope of the project can only be defined by the number of businesses that participate, there is no set budget for the project. Funds, as required, will come from a variety or sources, including: participating businesses; The Town of Midland; The Downtown BIA; Community Improvement Program grants (via the Town); grants from outside agencies; and private sector contributions (dollars and gifts in kind). Essential to the project are the anticipated many hours of volunteer contributions from the Love Your Laneways Action Committee (LYLAC) and other members of the public.